“Street harassment is how men mark out public spaces as their own, making women into trespassers on male territory. Behavioural psychologists have observed how male pedestrians crowd women’s personal space at cashpoints and traffic lights, how all-male groups take up more pavement space…”

For women to feel safe in public spaces, men’s behaviour has to change
Rachel Hewitt for the Guardian

Click the images below to read the full stories.

“Luckily they drove away.”

Cross Stitch by Catherine Mason

“I found it intimidating.”

Embroidery and crochet by Kelly Gorrie

I was too scared to say anything back and walked away.”

Embroidery and crochet by Norma Foulds

“He was asking if we wanted to party, trying to get us to go with him back to his flat.”

Punch needle rug by Kate Doran

“I was shocked, but walked away as he was really angry.”

3D Print by Catherine Mugonyi

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