Sexual Assault

Rape Crisis defines Sexual or indecent assault as any physical, psychological and emotional violation in the form of a sexual act, inflicted on someone without their consent.

Sexual assault can involve forcing or manipulating someone to witness or participate in sexual activity, this includes when a person touches another person sexually without their consent.

Sexual assault doesn’t have to involve other physical violence or weapons. Just because you don’t have visible injuries, doesn’t mean you weren’t sexually assaulted.

Click the images below to read the full stories.

Please note that this website contains quotes and recollections relating to incidents of street harassment and assault. If you prefer not to view this content, please stay on this page and avoid going into the individual artwork pages which contain more detailed accounts.

“I told police outside the venue who went inside to look to no avail.”

Embroidery by Carla Wilson

He lunged forward and forced his hands between my legs.”

Punch needle rug by Kate Doran

“They crossed the road and blocked my path.”

Embroidery by Stephanie Cottle

“I gave in because he was hurting me.

Embroidery by Antonia Charlesworth Stack

“He was trying to rip my tights at the crotch.”

Cross stitch by Kelly Gorrie

“I never spoke up for fear of seeming ‘frigid’.”

Embroidery by Antonia Charlesworth Stack

28 year old taking advantage of a desperately lonely teenager.”

Embroidery by Michelina Gianfrancesco

“A stranger groped my bum whilst laughing with his mates.”

Cross stitch by Louise Ashcroft

“I didn’t even think of reporting it to anyone.”

Embroidery by Norma Foulds

“I stood there trapped.”

Embroidery by Michelina Gianfrancesco

A boy ran up behind me.”

Cross stitch by Hannah Dial

He tried to drag me with him, saying ‘Come on, come home with me.'”

Embroidery by Norma Foulds

“They cornered me.”

Crochet by Joe Booth

“To the amusement of other male customers and male colleagues.”

Crochet by Norma Foulds

Guess he hadn’t realised I was with people.”

Embroidery by Kelly Gorrie

“I was unable to distinguish who the offender was.”

Cross stitch and border by Katya Lawder & Joe Booth

“A man was verbally abusive as I was on the way home.”

Cross stitch by Katya Lawder

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