I never spoke up for fear of seeming ‘frigid’

Sexual Assault

Name: AE
Age: 12
Location: ***
Date: 2000

“I was in year 8, secretly dating a year 11 as he wanted it kept a secret. He’d insult me if asked about us. We were in a class room that was used as the packed lunch room after school during a drama event. His year 7 sister was there.

We were kissing and he started putting his hands and mouth under my clothes. I didn’t know what was happening and was too scared to say anything. He only stopped when his sister saw a teacher coming.

I never spoke up for fear of seeming ‘frigid’.

I was a child.”

Maker: Antonia Charlesworth Stack

*** Redacted (safeguarding)

I gave in because he was hurting me

Sexual Assault

Name: Anon
Age: 21
Location: Brannigans, Bank Hey St

“A man had a deflated blow up saxophone, he held both ends and kept looping it round me. I ducked out of it twice and he kept grabbing me and pulling me back. I gave in because he was hurting me. He kissed me. I tried to make eye contact with a staff member but couldn’t. His mate told him to leave me alone.
I ran.”

Maker: Antonia Charlesworth Stack