I never spoke up for fear of seeming ‘frigid’

Sexual Assault

Name: AE
Age: 12
Location: ***
Date: 2000

“I was in year 8, secretly dating a year 11 as he wanted it kept a secret. He’d insult me if asked about us. We were in a class room that was used as the packed lunch room after school during a drama event. His year 7 sister was there.

We were kissing and he started putting his hands and mouth under my clothes. I didn’t know what was happening and was too scared to say anything. He only stopped when his sister saw a teacher coming.

I never spoke up for fear of seeming ‘frigid’.

I was a child.”

Maker: Antonia Charlesworth Stack

*** Redacted (safeguarding)

I’m the unfortunate one that it’s happened to

Sexual Assault

Name: Anon
 Outside Miller Arcade

“I had been out celebrating the end of my exams with friends. I saw a group of three men outside Manyana in Preston. One approached me and put his hand up my skirt and I told him to go away. The men followed me and friends to Browns and we all began dancing on the dance floor. I went to the toilet, at about 1:30am and when I turned around, he was stood there and the door was shut. I think I was arguing with him. 

After he attacked me, I ran back into the club screaming, I found a police officer outside and begged him to take me to a police station. I wouldn’t let anybody anywhere near me.

It’s been really hard. I blamed myself at first and wouldn’t go out but I’m now having counselling. My parents did not want me to return to university, but I went back because I can’t let one person ruin everything. Everyone is the same and thinks, ‘Oh I can go out and drink as much as I want and it’s never going to happen to me,’ but I’m the unfortunate one that it’s happened to. 

I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.”

Maker: Norma Foulds

Preston artworks commissioned by Arts Lancashire as part of Lancashire Arts Exchange

They cornered me

Sexual Assault

Name: B
Highfield Road Park

Crochet with fringing and pompoms

“I was on the park with boys who I went to school with and who I thought were my friends. They cornered me in a metal tube on the park and tried to lift my top up and touch me. I managed to kick one and I ran all the way home. I didn’t tell anyone as I didn’t want to get in to trouble for being on the park.

I had to see these boys for years at school.”

Maker: Joe Booth

He tried to drag me with him, saying “Come on, come home with me.”

Sexual Assault

Name: Anon
Age: 53
Location: Outside the Regent

“I was physically grabbed by a man who was heavily under the influence of alcohol outside the Regent. On this occasion, it was raining, I had my umbrella up and didn’t see the man until he literally threw his arms around me and tried to drag me with him, saying “Come on, come home with me”.

I was lucky that there were people nearby who had seen what happened and got him off me.”

Maker: Norma Foulds

I told police outside the venue who went inside to look to no avail

Sexual Assault

Name: N
Age: 22
Location: Walkabout

“Dancing on the dance floor, a male came behind me and put his arms underneath mine and forcefully grabbed my breasts and squeezed very hard. I told police outside the venue who went inside to look to no avail.
I logged a report with an officer the next day. CCTV was looked at.
Nothing found and consequently no action taken.”

Maker: Carla Wilson

I gave in because he was hurting me

Sexual Assault

Name: Anon
Age: 21
Location: Brannigans, Bank Hey St

“A man had a deflated blow up saxophone, he held both ends and kept looping it round me. I ducked out of it twice and he kept grabbing me and pulling me back. I gave in because he was hurting me. He kissed me. I tried to make eye contact with a staff member but couldn’t. His mate told him to leave me alone.
I ran.”

Maker: Antonia Charlesworth Stack

To the amusement of other male customers and male colleagues

Sexual Assault

Name: Anon
Age: Not stated
Location: A pub

“I was sexually harassed by a customer in a pub I was waitressing in. The man made sexual comments towards me and then persisted by slapping my bum to the amusement of other male customers and male colleagues.

On the same day he tried to put his hand up my skirt.”

Maker: Norma Foulds

He lunged forward and forced his hands between my legs

Sexual Assault

Name: Kate Doran
Age: 27
Location: Central Drive / Waterloo Rd

“After dropping my daughter off at school in the morning I went to the bus stop to get the bus home. I was dressed in leggings and a baggy jumper and coat. I had headphone in and was looking at my phone, something I do to discourage unwanted male conversations.

A man walked past and stopped, he interrupted me to ask me the time and when I moved my hands to take out my earphones he lunged forward and forced his hands between my legs. I pushed him off me and ran away crying to phone my mum and then on her advice called the police.”

Maker: Kate Doran

Guess he hadn’t realised I was with people

Sexual Assault

Name: Anon
Age: 19
Location: Bank Hey Street near McDonald’s

Embroidered Kate Bush Lyric with crocheted flowers

“I was walking behind my friends, a man grabbed me and held me against a wall by my neck. He was groping at my dress and trying to shove a hand underneath.

My friend turned back and he released me and shoved me away. Guess he hadn’t realised I was with people as slightly behind them. I was frozen stiff the whole time.

Told my friend I was fine. Never told them what happened.”

Maker: Kelly Gorrie