They cornered me

Sexual Assault

Name: B
Highfield Road Park

Crochet with fringing and pompoms

“I was on the park with boys who I went to school with and who I thought were my friends. They cornered me in a metal tube on the park and tried to lift my top up and touch me. I managed to kick one and I ran all the way home. I didn’t tell anyone as I didn’t want to get in to trouble for being on the park.

I had to see these boys for years at school.”

Maker: Joe Booth

I didn’t even think of reporting it to anyone

Sexual Assault

Name: Anon
Age: 17
Location: Layton Road

“I was walking to 6th form at about 8.30am. 2 school age boys walking in the opposite direction stopped me and grabbed my breasts, then walked away laughing.

I didn’t even think of reporting it to anyone, but I was really shaken and am still wary when passing groups of boys even to this day.”

Maker: Norma Foulds

I was too scared to say anything back and walked away


Name: Anon
Age: 53
Lainés Bakery, Church St

“I was walking home in the afternoon. Two teenage boys came out of Lainés bakery eating pies and one threw a paper bag on the floor. I saw him do this, but didn’t say anything. He walked towards me, stood in front of me and just screamed in my face. I was too scared to say anything back and walked away. I heard his friend ask him why he had done that. He said “Cos she looked at me after I chucked the bag.”

Maker: Norma Foulds