He sped up and slowed down when I did


Name: Anon
Age: 27
Houndshill Shopping Centre

“I was followed for at least 10 minutes by a man who did not try to hide what he was doing. He sped up and slowed down when I did, he took every turn and entered every shop I did. My fear and panic clouded everything and even in a shopping centre full of people I felt incredibly vulnerable, especially knowing I was going to need to leave, stand at a bus stop, take a 20+ minute bus ride, then walk to my home. A moment of clarity made me enter a shop and he watched me through the glass front window. I spoke to a member of staff, and he disappeared immediately – which meant I wasn’t taken overly seriously, but at least made me feel confident for long enough to leave town.”

Maker: Katya Lawder

The bouncers presumed that I knew the man by the way that he was shouting at me

Harassment & Assault

Name: Anon
Age: 23
Location: Whitegate Drive
Date: 2019

“I was walking home from work late at night when a man started shouting at me aggressively (other side of the road from the Belle Vue). He was clearly intoxicated. I crossed the road and asked the bouncers if I could go into the Belle Vue to use the c cabs phone at the door to ring a taxi.

The bouncers would not let me in without ID. I begged them to let me use the C Cabs phone and was crying at this point and asked if they would even accompany me to the phone to make sure I wasn’t “sneaking in” but they still refused and appeared to find the whole situation amusing. I believe that the bouncers presumed that I knew the man by the way that he was shouting at me, and must have thought it was some kind of domestic, but they still should have helped me.

The drunk man at this point had crossed the road so I ran into the Sainsbury’s next door. I asked the Sainsbury’s bouncer if he had a phone, to which he said no, but when I explained what was happening he did find a member of staff who had a phone to help me call a taxi and I was able to wait inside the shop until one came.”

Maker: Katya Lawder

They crossed the road and blocked my path

Sexual Assault

Name: Anon
Age: 14
Location: Near Asda, Cherry Tree Rd

“I was cycling to Asda, wearing a vest top as it warm, I cycled towards two men and realised they were looking at my chest, they crossed the road and blocked my path forcing me to cycle through as one of them grabbed my breast, I carried on and went to Asda.”

Maker: Stephanie Cottle

When I glanced in his car he had his trousers and underpants completely off

Sexual Harassment

Name: Roxanne
Age: 13
Location: Leach Lane, St Anne’s

“I was walking to school, in uniform, and a man in a yellow Saxo kept driving past me, he stopped at the bus stop I was headed to and when I glanced in his car he had his trousers and underpants completely off and was masturbating. I was scared and walked to the next stop.”

Maker: Katya Lawder