He sped up and slowed down when I did


Name: Anon
Age: 27
Houndshill Shopping Centre

“I was followed for at least 10 minutes by a man who did not try to hide what he was doing. He sped up and slowed down when I did, he took every turn and entered every shop I did. My fear and panic clouded everything and even in a shopping centre full of people I felt incredibly vulnerable, especially knowing I was going to need to leave, stand at a bus stop, take a 20+ minute bus ride, then walk to my home. A moment of clarity made me enter a shop and he watched me through the glass front window. I spoke to a member of staff, and he disappeared immediately – which meant I wasn’t taken overly seriously, but at least made me feel confident for long enough to leave town.”

Maker: Katya Lawder

He was touching himself

Sexual Harassment

Name: B
Age: 11
Coming home from school

“On the way home from school, a man used to watch my friends and I. Sometimes he would knock on the window, other times he would just stand there. A couple of months went by and he started wearing no top and then one time he had his penis in his hand and was touching himself. We told our parents and walked another way home. It did turn out that he had mental health problems.”

Maker: Kate Doran