He was touching himself

Sexual Harassment

Name: B
Age: 11
Coming home from school

β€œOn the way home from school, a man used to watch my friends and I. Sometimes he would knock on the window, other times he would just stand there. A couple of months went by and he started wearing no top and then one time he had his penis in his hand and was touching himself. We told our parents and walked another way home. It did turn out that he had mental health problems.”

Maker: Kate Doran

When I glanced in his car he had his trousers and underpants completely off

Sexual Harassment

Name: Roxanne
Age: 13
Location: Leach Lane, St Anne’s

“I was walking to school, in uniform, and a man in a yellow Saxo kept driving past me, he stopped at the bus stop I was headed to and when I glanced in his car he had his trousers and underpants completely off and was masturbating. I was scared and walked to the next stop.”

Maker: Katya Lawder

He was staring at us and started masturbating

Sexual Harassment

Name: Anon
Age: 14
On a bus

β€œI got on the number 14 bus on the way home from school with two of my friends. We went upstairs on our own where a much older man was sat on his own.

He was staring at us and started masturbating, at the time we thought it was quite funny because we were young and didn’t know any better but as I’ve gotten older I realise how disgusting that man was.

Sadly, that’s only one of many stories I have as a young woman growing up in Blackpool.”

Maker: Joe Booth