The bouncers presumed that I knew the man by the way that he was shouting at me

Harassment & Assault

Name: Anon
Age: 23
Location: Whitegate Drive
Date: 2019

“I was walking home from work late at night when a man started shouting at me aggressively (other side of the road from the Belle Vue). He was clearly intoxicated. I crossed the road and asked the bouncers if I could go into the Belle Vue to use the c cabs phone at the door to ring a taxi.

The bouncers would not let me in without ID. I begged them to let me use the C Cabs phone and was crying at this point and asked if they would even accompany me to the phone to make sure I wasn’t “sneaking in” but they still refused and appeared to find the whole situation amusing. I believe that the bouncers presumed that I knew the man by the way that he was shouting at me, and must have thought it was some kind of domestic, but they still should have helped me.

The drunk man at this point had crossed the road so I ran into the Sainsbury’s next door. I asked the Sainsbury’s bouncer if he had a phone, to which he said no, but when I explained what was happening he did find a member of staff who had a phone to help me call a taxi and I was able to wait inside the shop until one came.”

Maker: Katya Lawder

A man slowed down his truck, leaned out the window

Catcalling and Verbal Abuse

Name: B
Age: 21
Location: Lytham Rd

“Walking home from the shops heavily pregnant, a man slowed down his truck, leaned out the window, heckled me shouting, “Oi love, yes you, show us your tits!”

I stood dumbfounded and then gave him the finger.”

Maker: Norma Foulds

He was trying to rip my tights at the crotch

Sexual Assault

Name: Erin
Age: 15
Location: Saville Hotel, Tyldesley Road

“I was cleaning the bedrooms where I worked and a stag party of around 11 men ran in the room and one of them threw me on the bed and started kissing me and putting his tongue in my mouth. He was trying to rip my tights at the crotch while all the guys stood watching, some laughing, some looking away. They blocked the door. I was pushing him off me and shouting but couldn’t be heard over the laughing. One of the party finally said to stop.
He did.
I had to serve them dinner that night and make their beds again the next morning.” 

Maker: Kelly Gorrie

I stood there trapped

Sexual Assault

Name: Anon
Age: 20
Location: Victoria Hospital

“I was a third year student nurse when a doctor on the ward used to make me stand next to him to hold equipment whilst he carried out procedures. He would then proceed to rub his crotch up against me as I stood there trapped, holding something important and therefore unable to move.”

Maker: Michelina Gianfrancesco

When I glanced in his car he had his trousers and underpants completely off

Sexual Harassment

Name: Roxanne
Age: 13
Location: Leach Lane, St Anne’s

“I was walking to school, in uniform, and a man in a yellow Saxo kept driving past me, he stopped at the bus stop I was headed to and when I glanced in his car he had his trousers and underpants completely off and was masturbating. I was scared and walked to the next stop.”

Maker: Katya Lawder

I was on my own, he was not taking no for an answer


Name: Anon
Age: 20
Location: Church Street, near the Salvation Army, heading towards town

“I was walking to work around mid morning when an older lad I’d never met before on bike started riding alongside me. He made sure to keep to my pace and rode very close, asking things like “So do you to get it on or what?” He made me feel very uncomfortable as I didn’t know him, I was on my own, he was not taking no for an answer, and I didn’t know how long he would follow me, if he’d see where I worked, would he be waiting when I left…?
Thankfully he left me alone when I got into the main part of town.”

Maker: Michelina Gianfrancesco