No way have I just been groped by a 14 year boy


Name: Charlie
Not stated
 McDonalds, Friargate

@cmcgill_21: “No way have I just been groped by a 14 year boy in maccies in Preston”

@spaceyteej: “@shelbygardner find this boy”

@shelbygardner: “mate it’s nothing new here. It’s ridiculous”

@spaceyteej: “Ew Gross.”

Maker: Kellie Gorrie

Preston artworks commissioned by Arts Lancashire as part of Lancashire Arts Exchange

Guess he hadn’t realised I was with people

Sexual Assault

Name: Anon
Age: 19
Location: Bank Hey Street near McDonald’s

Embroidered Kate Bush Lyric with crocheted flowers

“I was walking behind my friends, a man grabbed me and held me against a wall by my neck. He was groping at my dress and trying to shove a hand underneath.

My friend turned back and he released me and shoved me away. Guess he hadn’t realised I was with people as slightly behind them. I was frozen stiff the whole time.

Told my friend I was fine. Never told them what happened.”

Maker: Kelly Gorrie

He was trying to rip my tights at the crotch

Sexual Assault

Name: Erin
Age: 15
Location: Saville Hotel, Tyldesley Road

“I was cleaning the bedrooms where I worked and a stag party of around 11 men ran in the room and one of them threw me on the bed and started kissing me and putting his tongue in my mouth. He was trying to rip my tights at the crotch while all the guys stood watching, some laughing, some looking away. They blocked the door. I was pushing him off me and shouting but couldn’t be heard over the laughing. One of the party finally said to stop.
He did.
I had to serve them dinner that night and make their beds again the next morning.” 

Maker: Kelly Gorrie

As a young teenager I was followed by a man in a van


Name: Kate
Highfield Road

“On two separate occasions as a young teenager I was followed by a man in a van. They attempted to chat to me while driving along side me from the Highfield Rd area towards my home at the time off Arnold Ave. They were asking for directions at first and asking me to get in and direct them, following me trying to have a conversation with me generally harassing me and making me feel very scared.”

Maker: Kelly Gorrie

I found it intimidating


Name: Elaine
Age: 47
Cycle path to Blackpool Zoo

“A man with dogs shouted at me to turn down my bicycle light, he was standing in the middle of the path which made it difficult to pass him, my light isn’t bright or aimed straight at him, I’ve never had anyone else shout at me like this. He was a large man and I found it intimidating”

Maker: Kelly Gorrie