The number of women who have been followed and intimidated is staggering.
Whether you are on your way to school, coming back from work or on a night out with friends. In the morning, afternoon or evening. It doesn’t matter, they still follow you.

The onus should not fall on women to take extra precautions in order to stay safe, however the ‘real-life’ situation is very different. If you are looking for personal safety advice the Suzy Lamplugh Trust’s Personal Safety Out and About guide is a good place to start.

Click the images below to read the full stories.

CONTENT WARNING Please note that this website contains quotes and recollections relating to incidents of street harassment and assault. If you prefer not to view this content, please stay on this page and avoid going into the individual artwork pages which contain more detailed accounts.

He sped up and slowed down when I did.”

Cross Stitch & crochet by Katya Lawder

I tried to walk by him but he
was stepping in my way.”

Cross Stitch by Olivia Thackray

He started to chase me.”

Jumpsuit by Linda Copeland

He gave me a cold stare in my eyes.”

Embroidery & Crochet
by Norma Foulds

I was on my own, he was not taking no for an answer.”

Embroidery by Michelina Gianfrancesco

My stepdad stopped and confronted a man who he’d watched following me.”

Embroidery by Charlie Ashton

I refused and he persisted.”

Cross Stitch by
Louise Ashcroft

As a young teenager I was followed
by a man in a van.”

Embroidery by Kelly Gorrie

I quickly headed towards a well lit area hoping to find other people to feel safe.”

3D Print by Catherine Mugonyi

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