Sexual Harassment

Rape Crisis describes sexual harassment as any unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature that makes you feel distressed, intimidated or humiliated. It can take lots of different forms. It can include or be called sexualised bullying. You don’t have to have objected to a certain kind of behaviour in the past for it to be unwanted and constitute harassment.

For this project we have categorised incidents which involve unwanted sexual touching as Sexual Assault.

Click the images below to read the full stories.

CONTENT WARNING Please note that this website contains quotes and recollections relating to incidents of street harassment and assault. If you prefer not to view this content, please stay on this page and avoid going into the individual artwork pages which contain more detailed accounts.

He was staring at us and started masturbating.”

Crochet by Joe Booth

“A man in a car pulled over to the pavement and asked the younger girls if they wanted to have sex.”

Embroidered heart by Annie Rhodes

He sat as close as he could to my 16 year old granddaughter.”

Cross Stitch by Stephanie Cottle

“When I glanced in his car he had his trousers and underpants completely off.”

Cross Stitch by Katya Lawder

To the amusement of other male customers and male colleagues.”


“He was touching himself.”

Punch needle rug by Kate Doran

“He would chat to us, ask us questions which progressively got more personal.”

Crochet by Joe Booth

“I was 14 and he said he didn’t mind and pushed for me to go back to see him.”

Embroidery by Michelina Gianfrancesco

“I told them I was a child and they said ‘even better.'”

Appliqué by Catherine Mugonyi

“The shop manager asked what he had said then shrugged it off.”

3D Print by Catherine Mugonyi

“I didn’t know what to say at the time and my friends just laughed.”

3D Print by Catherine Mugonyi

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