A man approached us and made sexual remarks

Sexual Harassment

Name: Anon
Under 16
 Lancaster Road

“I was on my way home from school with my friend and we were sat at a bus stop on Lancaster Road.
A man approached us and made sexual remarks. He asked us if we would have sex with him and kept trying to convince us to come home with him.
Luckily the bus arrived and we got on. When we got home, we decided to phone the police.”

Maker: Louise Ashcroft, Joe Booth & Charlie Ashton

ton artworks commissioned by Arts Lancashire as part of Lancashire Arts Exchange

I refused and he persisted


Name: Roxanne
Age: 12
Church Road, St Annes

“A man in a black Corsa who lived near me had followed me on my walk to school, which had been for about a mile. He eventually rolled his window down and asked me to get in the car. I refused and he persisted, I eventually ran through a park so he couldn’t follow in the car.”

Maker: Louise Ashcroft