I was too scared to say anything back and walked away


Name: Anon
Age: 53
Lainés Bakery, Church St

“I was walking home in the afternoon. Two teenage boys came out of Lainés bakery eating pies and one threw a paper bag on the floor. I saw him do this, but didn’t say anything. He walked towards me, stood in front of me and just screamed in my face. I was too scared to say anything back and walked away. I heard his friend ask him why he had done that. He said “Cos she looked at me after I chucked the bag.”

Maker: Norma Foulds

I refused and he persisted


Name: Roxanne
Age: 12
Church Road, St Annes

“A man in a black Corsa who lived near me had followed me on my walk to school, which had been for about a mile. He eventually rolled his window down and asked me to get in the car. I refused and he persisted, I eventually ran through a park so he couldn’t follow in the car.”

Maker: Louise Ashcroft

He gave me a cold stare in my eyes


Name: Emma
St Annes Road

“I had just had a back operation and was walking to a friends to build up my muscles. I had noticed a man who I had seen before on my way. It was day time and I could tell he was following me so I lit a cigarette to let him walk ahead of me.

I looked up and he gave me a cold stare in my eyes. I am sure he had watched me before because it became apparent he knew the route I was taking. I noticed he was walking towards my normal route after he passed me, so I choose to walk a different way where I could see men working. To my horror he turned back on himself and followed me that way.

I knew right away he was following me after that and he wanted me to know. I phoned a friend to meet me and he walked away once she came. Few years later I found out he had done this to other people and even walked into a woman’s house.”

Maker: Norma Foulds

I was on my own, he was not taking no for an answer


Name: Anon
Age: 20
Location: Church Street, near the Salvation Army, heading towards town

“I was walking to work around mid morning when an older lad I’d never met before on bike started riding alongside me. He made sure to keep to my pace and rode very close, asking things like “So do you to get it on or what?” He made me feel very uncomfortable as I didn’t know him, I was on my own, he was not taking no for an answer, and I didn’t know how long he would follow me, if he’d see where I worked, would he be waiting when I left…?
Thankfully he left me alone when I got into the main part of town.”

Maker: Michelina Gianfrancesco